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how do i..........


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Uhh... well.. if you want None-More-Lowend you can turn the 40-100Hz way up and the highs down.. very much the reggae bass sound, no definition and just loads of low end.


It sounds like you want to cut through the guitar though, and the best way to accomplish this usually is to have plenty of mids in your tone. The "disco smile" EQ setting that so many people seem to love doesn't cut very well, you wind up being insanely loud before you can be heard over guitar-boy. Try starting out with everything flat, including the eq knobs on your bass (don't be a monkey-boy and just crank your bass eq knobs all the way up ;) ). Try adjusting your amp eq to get a tone that you dig that cuts. Trial and error with your amp is going to be the best way to determine a good setting, no one is going to be able to just tell you "do this..." and instant lovlii tone is achieved.

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how do i get i really deep tone with a eq that has 40hz 100hz 250hz 500hz 1k 3k 8k
WHOAH there, sonny. Chew your food.


You need to understand what those numbers are. If I took your question at face value, the answer would be "Well, your tone already has those frequencies in it, so your problem has been solved before you asked the question."


You'd need a subwoofer to really hear/feel 40Hz, that's LOW...too low for anybody's practice amp to reproduce.


But I think we can deduce that you read those numbers in a magazine interview and want a quick way to get that killer tone that Mr. Bassist is getting.


What bass are you playing? What amp? What sort of eq do you have available to you already?


How much power do you have compared to the other players in your band. If your guitarists are playing with 100-watt tube amps, you'll need at least 300 watts to be audible.


I can give you some broad-stroke advice right now...there's three things you can do to help cut through loud guitars:


1) Boost the low-mids (between 200 and 300Hz). This is where the full girth of what makes a bass cut through lies. I find that anytime I turn myself down in this frequency, I don't hear myself.


2) Ask the guitarist to turn down if he's too loud. He probably won't listen. :D


3) Make sure you're not making yourself too loud in the process!


Marcus Miller has a nice little mini-essay on the effects of EQ on the sound of a bass.


Keep in mind that Marcus has the luxury of support from a 2000-watt PA in many cases. :D

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Originally posted by BenLoy:

Damn, bump, you beat me to it!


T-Minus 24 hours and counting on that Keneally/Yogi gig!



I'm giddy like a little school girl... especially since the other band that was on the bill bailed... so it's just us and Keneally.


Mike has agreed to sit in with us on a Frank Zappa tune we learned, "Echidna's Arf (of you)". I am stupid with glee.


The show is being taped and/or video recorded by more than one person. :D:D

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