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Kustom amps/Sunn Amps


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I have an ancient Sunn Concert Bass (which just gets used as a practice amp occasionally), and a Sunn 2x15 cab reloaded with JBL 2226H drivers--I use it regularly, it's my main 2x15 cab cause it sounds great and is built very well. In fact I'm looking at the cab as I type this, I've got my Ampeg V4 hooked up to it. I also have an ancient Sunn folded bass scoop that I use with the Concert head for home practice but it's pretty crappy, wouldn't gig with that speaker unless it was my last choice.


I also have a Kustom 250 head (black tuck and roll) with matching 2x15 cab, loaded with Eminences now. I did gig periodically with this rig up until a couple months ago when the power amp PCB toasted in mid gig, letting out lots of smoke...Haven't had time to fix it yet though, but I plan to rejuvenate the amp. It sounded good, and looks sharp, but it's sorta underpowered by todays standards (actual power output is around 125 watts RMS).

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I have a 2x12 black tuck and roll Kustom cab that I bought used 10 years ago (it's from the early 70s). It was my cab until I got my Berg last year. Now I go out to bar gigs with both cabs, and point the Kustom at my drummer (and the Berg at the audience). It's pretty scraped up and dusty and the screws are all rusted, but it looks OK from the front, and still delivers the lows. My son uses it as a sub for his stereo when it's home....




Acoustic Color


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