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Marshall Silver Amp


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I have a silver anniversary Marshall bass stack. I bought it new in 1987, and for as long as i've had it it's had an intermittent problem of either not making a sound , or one half of the power amp is only working? It's caused me a lot of grief!

It has been worked on three times ( by authorised techincans )but the problem continues.

I have tried on acouple of other occasions to take it to other certified repair people , but they tell me they can look at it but there not sure they can put it back together after it's open.

Anyone with an idea or who knows a reputible place that i can send it , I'd love to know, and it would be appreciated.

I have even e-mailed Marshall about , but they never back back to me !!!

This amp is my sound and nothing compares to it !!

Thanks , Joe

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This amp is my sound and nothing compares to it !!

- Except for my big honkin' rig at a gig when some d00d keeps stepping on and off my extension cord that barely reaches the plug in ; }


But seriously. Sounds like something that any good shop ought to be able to fix - provided there isn't an inherent design flaw that Marshall doesn't want to acknowledge.

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