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Original recording


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There is a keyboard player friend of mine who I wrote a song with a while ago. I play on most of this guy's stuff. The keyboard forum is currently checking it out and I thought I share with the bass forum as well.




link to the keyboard forum thread. Link to the song is at the top.


Bass is my Mike Lull M4V fretless direct into the board. I believe a hint of compression was added in mixdown, but that's it.

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Thanks man. :)


We literally wrote that entire song in 5 minutes. The keyboard player turned to me while we were working on one of his tunes and said, "you know, I've been thinking about writing a latin-sounding tune". I started noodling around with the initial A section changes and he said something like, "oh hey, that was cool, what was that?" And it grew from there.

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The beginning is almost like a jazzed up "batman" theme! :D:thu: Sounds nice man... That Lull especially sounds nice... at least through my crappy monitors... :D

"Suppose you were an idiot ... And suppose you were a member of Congress

... But I repeat myself."

-Mark Twain

http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/63/condition_1.html (my old band)

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Originally posted by randy clay:

The keyboard player has chops!

Yeah.. Pat's all good and stuff. He got a music degree from DePaul University and then he went to the Berklee School of music for a year. He knows all the notes.


Nice tune, but I was waiting for the bass to take a solo. :D


That whole song is a bass solo... :D

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