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What is "boomy?"


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I've heard some amps, rooms, stages, etc. described as "boomy." I know these terms are hard to quantify, but what does this mean? What is the difference between a good bass sound and a boomy one? How can I prevent or fix a boomy sound?
Chris Hardin
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"Boomy" has lots to do with the soundstage. In such a case, and you are talking about low freq mush; mids and highs similarly garbled you might use a different word for. Intelligibility is the direct opposite for any case.


"Boomy" often is already there, designed into the bass cabinet - a mid-bass response hump that becomes larger as loudness increases. And it is just waiting for a soundstage to exaggerate what it is already exaggerated anyway. Ironically, lots of people add EQ to those frequencies, which makes it boomier still.

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When i imagine something being boomy, i picture how sometimes when a person is speaking into a microphone and they make a "P" sound you hear a boom.


With bass it's similar, you hit the note but what the audience hears is basically a boom noise. not quite as drastic as what comes from a person speaking into a mic though.

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