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BOOM! Smokin' Millennium Two A'ready!


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Boom! - Get the bass noisemakers roarin' and the party hats out!


A'rrriiiighty! The deed got done almost exclusively on L D LD... excessively verbose fatties rolled with choice spliff from far and wide, smoked in spurts and bounds without hopefully too many one-liners - and nary an SSS seeds-and-stems Off-Topic Wankerism ; }


...I want to thank all the bass peeps here for suffering through this inconsiderate onslaught of smoke and coughing. Hhhhwwwwawwwwk... the powerbong muscatel now looks like burgundy roofing tar. Not fit to drink unless ya got cotton mouth ; }


So... where's the KING-SIZED PLATTERS of munchies? Hey - I'm not leaving 'til the fridge is empty and the cupboard is bare! What, who's that wearing the tie-die lampshade?



<-- greenboy ---<<<<            did not inhale...


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Ohhhh! GREEN-boy! Now I get it!

(Trying to see through the smoke)

Always informative and illustrious, the green one breaks the barrier, making like the proverbial Dragon! With deepest reverence, I say...

Way to go, BUD!

Keep up the good work...






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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WWWOOOWWWWWWWW 2000 + posts !!! Congrats Greenboy,

2000 + heckles, corrections, great expectations &

rivers of knowledge all delivered with verve and a golfball sucking tongue in cheek. Thanx for sharing.....even though I understand very lil on the tech side it's always good to read and even better to remind myself that I know so little.


For he's a jolly green fella and so sing all of us


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Allow me add my congrats on this milestone. Of course there are so many of us thanking you for sharing your wisdom and bad jokes !!!


I'm joining cupmcmali in singing


"For he's a jolly green fella"


THANKS :thu:


Note to others - on the SSS forum post count milestones serve as an opportunity to show appreciation.


Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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Congratamutations GB!


Also...Thanks for turning me on to Carvin ;>


I could thank you for the insightfullness of many of your posts, or the amount of knowledge that you've shared...But I'm still tied up drooling over some of the stuff on Carvin's site!

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OK....sure thing.


A funny thing, you're green, and how (other than the obvious Martian connection)?


I don't smoke since the city has run dry this summer, but I'm on the lookout! Went around the strip Saturday night lookin around.


Two things never to do at a bar:

1.) Ask for alcohol when you don't look of age. I don't even look 18, man.

2.) Ask for alcohol when legally they can't serve it to you, since you have already drank too much before you DROVE over to the bar to look for the hookup.


Two bad ideas that I'll try not to have at the same time again.

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