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Tips on switching from electric to acoustic? (hypo's idea)


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I began playing electric and now, (about two years later), my orchestra that I'm in needs a bassist. Of course in orchestra, you have to use play an upright bass. I haven't played upright. I didn't lear how to read bass clef for those two years. Now, I am beginning to learn it. But i still need help. The parts, (ive learned in pracitce) are really easy, though. You may be saying to yourself, this guy doesn't need help. But so far, in the practices, I've only had to play an electric because the conductor hasn't fixed the upright, yet. Do you have any experience in this? Do you have any tips for me on switching to upright? Please. Share.



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Are you talking about a High School Orchestra?


If so, the conductor should have lots of advice.


You need to practice bow technique a lot...cello players might be able to help you.


Go through the Simandl book...learn every exercise with a good bowed tone.


Somewhere this has been discussed before...yep...here it is:



This was your original thread...do you need more specific help than this...like how to fix the bass or something?

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