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Percy Jones [Un]Plugged!


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Brand X, wow what a band.


Interesting that Percy says that Jaco was one of his favorites. In the typical Jaco vs the anti-Jaco internet rant, the discussion usually goes: "all fretless bass players are Jaco clones" "no they aren't" "name one who isn't" "percy jones"


And he is truly a unique voice, and yet humble enough to give credit to two other great bass players, the aforementioned character and Alphonso Johnson, as favorites on electric.


I'd love to hear what he's doing nowadays. I used to listen to Masques quite a bit...I never quite knew what to make of it..it was coming from a place where I had never been or even heard of.

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Ah, Jeremy, I have some catching up to do on Percy. I have only one newer album with much of him on it, PROJECT LOW, and then some Brand X albums, Nova's VIMANA (great band fusion from Italy I believe, and Jack Lancaster's MOONSCAPE. He really spoke to me the first time I heard him but there is so much music out there I kind of lost track.


I also agree with him on Alphonso (and of course Jaco). Alphonso has played so much great stuff with a unique voice (some good writing too - such as material Flora Purim has done), and he was no slouch in Weather Report either. He really set the stage (well, and Miroslav...) I need to buy more CDs of these real cats so I can find more time to listen!

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