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Rock/Blues Play Along CDs?


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Jamey Aebersold has excellent jazz play along CDs . Does anyone know if there are similar play alongs for rock and/or blues?


I know I could just play along to my own CDs, but I'd like something where I can mute the bass track. As good as Band in a Box is, the drums are too repetitive. Any other suggestions?

Chris Hardin
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yes, I am also interested in Rock & Oldies rock play along CDs. I didn't even know that "play along CDs" existed. That is so cool. As often as I've tried, I just cannot make myself play alone. Tooooooo boring, and just not effective for me.


Most of the time I can perfect my lines during our band's rehearsals, but there are some songs that I REALLY should practice outside of rehearsal. My band rehearses twice a week, but I'd like to be playing (practicing) more often.


I've tried playing along with regular CDs, but I can't turn the bass down enough on my stereo.


Thanks for the info... Connie Z

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Okay, I'll show my age.....


There used to be "records" (remember vinyl) with backing tracks where they left out certain instruments. It was call MMO (Music Minus One). I have one for bass but it's not blues tunes, it's jazz (the artist was Ken Smith who makes basses now)


Is there such a thing now?


Good luck

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I would also stay away from playalong cd's. Blues is all about the feel, and frankly, those cd's don't have it. I would get some SRV, BB, Freddie King and play along. Once you get comfortable with it, go to some blues jams to really get your groooooooooove.....
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