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Squire v.s. MIM Jazz Bass


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i hope im not going out on a limb here but save your pennies and get at the very least a fender standard (not squire) they actually are pretty good instruments. Ive been using my fretless for 5 years or so... its time for a fretted... not to replace it but to add it to my arsenal.




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After reading and reading posts about Fender rainbow quality, I'd believe that US made are the best, followed by discontinued Japaneses, then Mexi and in the bad side the Squiers.

But after playing a couple of Jap I note the same thing: they haven't punch, strings wear very stiff, and no Fender trademark growl.

Then, I'd go for Mexis, and they have all the features of US made, except THE feel under your fingers. Other basses are equal or better than US Fenders, like MusicMan or G&L's.


Here is my Fender ranking



US Fender

Mexi Fender

Jap Fender



Remember that Squier isn't Fender trademark, there are made in one factory, the same who made Samicks, Ibanez, etc, some very good basses and other crap.

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I've played the high end American Deluxes and I've owned a Mexi, and have played a few Squires. There's no doubt that the high end Fenders are great. But I'm looking for a project bass that I can take the frets off of, or replace the neck, and slowly upgrade over time. And I'm wondering if I shouldn't just look for a Squire that sounds and plays decent. I played two Squire P-Basses in a store yesterday. They were the exact same model. One sounded like what you would expect from a squire, and the other sounded and played pretty well. I would have put it up against any Mexi made Fender for sound and feel.


So, I'm wondering if its worth investing in a Mexi made Fender or just getting a squire, seeing as this will be a project bass that probably won't have any of the same parts after a couple of years.


So, Does anyone know if squire makes a fretless?



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