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Newer music by Rusted Root and Solace

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I listened to the newest Rusted Root. I heard they broke up then got back together and this is the resulting album. I'm thinking maybe they should have stayed broken up. This CD doesn't have the edge or free wheeling feel of their earlier work, in fact some of it sounds like stuff that didn't make it on to earlier albums and got dragged out for this one. I saw Rusted Root live a few times and when they get all that acoustic rhythmn going it just pulsates. That's not happening here. I would recommend this CD to only the most ardent fans. Solace is an Irish band. This is traditional sounding Irish music with some modern instruments and themes woven in. The electric guitar sounds really good in this mix and the female vocalist is excellent. A lot of the material is softer acoustic songs that do provide well, solace. They have a unique sound, well worth a listen. That's just first impressions after listening to each album twice and is subject to revision.
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Didn't Bill Botrell do the new 'Rusted Root' album? I would have thought for sure that he would have really focused on the 'rythmic' aspects of the band... I've almost without exception enjoyed Bill's work, and have been a 'Rusted Root' fan for a number of years... shame you don't think this recording lives up to the others... No offense intended... but do you think you're not digging this because it's new and you haven't spent enough time with it? That happens to me alot... I listen to the album on the surface first, then I start to find all kinds of depth and subtlty that really make the record a wonderful event for me... Reckon I ought to just go pick up a copy and see if I agree with this review...


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