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plagiarists corner


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Not to open a can of worms where we just post attacks on whomever we dislike but I'd like to open a space wherein cases that seem to be suspicious are discussed.

Also keep in mind that the mere resemblence of material doesn't indicate plagiarism; a million & 2 songs have the same chord progression as "Louie Louie" or "Wild Thing" but they aren't necessarily melodically close.


I'm hardly a follower of American Idol but you can't escape exposure to some of their alumni.

Currently a character named Bo Bice is making the most of his 15 minutes. From what I can tell, he's big on "classic rock" stylisms...which makes it all the more odd that the tune I've heard him doung on all his TV appearances seems to draw its hook directly from an old Bread/David Gates song, "Guitar Man".



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