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That melody writing game! (now on part B!)

Eric VB

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Ok, let's play a game!


We're going to write a single-line melody! :thu:


Taking turns, everybody pick a reasonable pitch and a reasonable duration.


Letter-number notation is probably easiest pitch notation to understand without a staff. A4 = 440 Hz, the A above middle C. Each octave starts on C, so middle C is C4, the B just below it is B3, and so on and so forth.


[For a rest, just use "R".]


I'm used to entering durations as the denominators, e.g. an 8th note (1/8 beat) is denoted as "8". You can use periods for dots. If someone has a better suggestion, I'm all ears.


Don't worry about key or chords for now ... we'll figure that out later!


[Oh yeah, try not to post twice in a row.]

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(Uh, did you guys want quarters? I realize I picked a non-intuitive notation system, but X is 1/X, so 1/1 is a whole note. Maybe we should go with 1/X notation instead, i.e., 1/4 = quarter? I'm open for suggestions.)


E4, 4. (or 1/4., a dotted quarter)

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Thanks for summing up the first two measures, Hooper! And congrats all for getting this far. :cool:


Hugo finally defined the key, for the moment anyway. ;) And I think we managed to keep things pretty coherent.


I'll go with an obvious next choice:


E4, 8


(But I was tempted to throw out an F# just to rattle your cages a bit. ;) )


[edit: as an incentive, I already have mad plans for where we go once the melody is established. Muhahahaha!]

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B3, 8


obvious again, but we'll see. I got thrown by my own variation on this. Instead of E4, I was working off of D4 and ran with that. You know, for each one of these added notes I've managed to come up with a unique continuing melody. And every time it's been different then what you guys have added.

Cool. It's making me explore stuff I wouldn't have.

Kawai GS-40 grand & other keys
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