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scoring vs sound design??


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Ive been hearing the term sound design more and more with respect to movie scoring. Can anyone tell me more about what it actually is? What would be the difference between sound design and sound effects? Are film scorers expected to do sound design as well?
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Scoring is coring. Sound design is a different animal. John Williams scores the music for Star Wars, for example.


Sound designers augment action with SFX, either musicl or Foley in nature. They also determine how/when/where things are miced, etc.



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Sound design is where somebody creates a sound effect that is needed in a particular scene. For example, an alien or a monster's call could be a mixture of the sound of a car's squeaky brakes shifted down an octave, an engine sound run backwords and an actual tiger's roar recorded at a zoo! Scoring is writing music and arranging it to go with the mood of the scene as you all know. Hope this helps.
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