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Confusion on how to copyright this song.


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Hi. I have just finished recording a singer in my studio. He heard one of my songs (music only) and asked if he could use it for his cd.


The cd is finished. I have this SR form for the song. I am registered as a publishing co. (BMI). I want to have this song copyrighted as my original song and then to have another copyright of his derivative version.


I know that his management wants to shop this song as a commercial. I'm okay with that, but I want to make sure that I'm covered - that I own all publishing minus the 25% of writing for his lyrics. Do I register the song with my publishing co. as well as the writer for the first copyright?


If so, I don't see on the SR form where I put my publishing co. Is it under "Copyright Claimants"? Any help with clarity is greatly appreciated.

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