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cool accidental discovery/copyright symbol trick

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Sometimes I write commentary in word processing program then paste it into the posting function at UBBs.

Just now, doing that, I found that typing "©" or "©" in Microsoft Word creates automatically the copyright symbol ©, which can then be imported to wherever you paste the material.


(Forgive me if this is old hat to you; I'm off now for a spree of experimental typing! :D )

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As a working composer for 2 decades, I am my own "entertainment lawyer", JB, though it's always good to get advice from an expert like yourself.

While it's true that the sheer construction of a work of art now entails copyright status, that doesn't provide pro forma protection.

One is best advised to note the warnings affixed to various works & notice how they are phrased.

The declaration of copyright & the specific retention of certain rights/protections is not a mere formality.

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Well I would never advise someone to be their own lawyer, too many pitfalls, but suit yourself. Maybe you can save a few dollars. Of course once you learn the ropes, lawyers are not necessary for every little move you make. But having a good lawyer around can save you tons of money.


Here's what my lawyer told me, copyright protection now attaches once your work is put in fixed form. That could be a lead sheet, a cassette, a CD, computer file..etc.


He said it's better to spend the small sums for filing fees and file the copyright forms with the USCPTO because you can get triple damages and attorney's fees in federal court when suing for copyright infringement. And it also helps fix the date of your claim.


He also gave me the standard warning about never attempting to use a "poor man's copyright," where you mail yourself by cerified mail a copy of your work. He said those don't work well in court because it's too easy to alter things, like open the envelope and change the contents, making the so-called evidence of authorship and the date of authorship practically useless for court purposes.


It's cool that you found the little copyright symbol and can cut and paste it and put it on things BTW, I still use it when I have something worth doing it on, which, is not all that often. I think you'll agree with that last bit.





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alt + g? I don't think so. Opens up the "Go" menu in my browser.


Try ALT + 0169 on the keypad. ©

And ALT + 0153 for

And ALT + 0174 for ®


Windows has a utility called Character Map that tells you these for every character in all your fonts, should be in Programs/Accessories.


In HTML it's & c o p y ; without spaces

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