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song writing software, tabs, chords / SXSW


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My guitar teacher and I are in search of some software that will aid in song writing. We'd like the ability to have lyrics, and guitar chords above the staff, and the tab fingering off to the side. Is anyone aware of what is available, and have recommendations?


Side note, has there been any buzz in the forum on SXSW? I live in Austin and have the privilege of managing the Continental Club for the festival. Any one going to be in town playing?



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Hi I use Finale software with à Midi keyboard plugeed into USB port of my PC. Finale has also a "light" printing music software called "Print music" that can be us with or without a midi connection and you could add Chords, chord fret (as a guitar tablature) over the staff and also write lyrics over or under the staff.




I really like the Finale 2005 version ( around 400$US)

Print Music is around 70$

Finale Guitar ( 99$) I never used it but if looks like Print Music but just for guitar...you can trust them is really well done



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Hey mate, I'd highly recommend Sibelius 3 with Kontakt player Gold. I've got the Silver version and it's great, but only plays 8 separate insts., whereas Gold has 32 insts. simultaneously.

This software is easy to use - I wrote a 3 minute symphony for a film score in 3 weeks for a Composition assignment from buying it. Apparently it's more user-friendly and versatile than Finale. You can do any style of music, and write lyrics etc. all in together.

Good Luck!

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