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Tennis Week Magazine wrote a story on my new song.

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Hello from James Limborg (Roseville, Minnesota - USA),


I wrote a Tennis song to help support the game of Tennis, and Tennis Week Magazine wrote a story on it today (Below are the link's to the story).


I wrote the song, play all the instruments, and recorded it all by myself.


The song can be listened to at my website: www.jameslimborg.com

The song titled is: Red, White and Green (Red, White and green are the

color's on some American hard-court tennis courts).


Richard Pagliaro, web editor for Tennis Week Magazine says, "It's a cool

tune - i like it!. one of my co-workers worked for the USTA for years so

he said he would pass along the link to your song to his friends at the

USTA since you mention them. I would think the song would be perfect for

a USTA commercial or promo since it starts "I joined the USTA..." Anyway,

I really like it and hope you are successful with it. I hope you are

successful as you are talented. Best of luck. Richard."


Here is the URL for the story at Tennis Week Magazine:


There is a link on Tennis Week Magazine's home page towards the top:


-------------------------------------------------LISTEN TO THIS TENNIS SONG AT: http://www.jameslimborg.com


Below are 3 DIRECT LINKS to the song titled RED, WHITE AND GREEN.


1. A 128kbps MP3 for people with high speed internet (Cable or DSL).



2. A 24kbps MP3 for people with slow speed internet (Dial-up modems).



3. And a DIRECT LINK to the 128kbps MP3 file so people with slow speed internet (Dial-up modems) can download the high-quality version. http://www.jameslimborg.com/MUSIC/RED_WHITE_AND_GREEN_HIFI.mp3

-------------------------------------------------SONG LYRICS:

Song Title: Red, White and Green (Copyright 2005)

Written, Performed and Recorded by: James Limborg www.jameslimborg.com



I joined the U.S.T.A.

Strung my new racket just the other day.



I'm feelin' pretty good.

Wish I had Pete Sampras' game, with...

Andre Agassi's style and speed.





John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors; Don't feel bad.

You still mean a lot to the game.

I've seen the United States' red, white and blue.

But all that I see now is red, white and GREEN.



I'm watchin' E.S.P.N.

It's Martina Hingis and Anna Kournikova















Roseville, MN 55113-3615

Website: www.jameslimborg.com

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Perhaps you can help me with a curiousity I have.

I've never understood some of the terminology some writers create for their song structures. Why does someone designate a song section "pre-chorus", for example? Obviously it comes before the chorus (or refrain, to be more precise, which I would think is what they're after) but why is such a thing not part of the "chorus" or a bridge?


BTW, I love that Cream tune, "Anyone For Tennis?"

Thanks for reminding me!

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hahahhahaa... Well to respond to your question you posted over 3 years ago... Regarding why songwriters sometimes designate a song-section with the words PRE-CHORUS. My answer is... I don't know... But here's my guess. When 'I' write a song or music-instrumental... I usually write 2 to 3 sections of music. For a song... I write music for the VERSE... different chord music for the PRE-CHORUS... and different chord-music for the CHORUS. So... It's really defining what section of music the lyrics are for. That's one way to look at it. When I write songs... I arrange the song to some kind of pattern... INTRO, VERSE 1, PRE-CHORUS, CHORUS, VERSE 2, PRE-CHORUS, CHORUS, GUITAR SOLO/BRIDGE, VERSE 1/2/3, PRECHORUS, CHORUS, END OF SONG. That's one song arrangement. I use the SAME lyrics for the PRE-CHORUS and CHORUS sections... however the music that I play in each of those sections I make different and that is why the 2 sections are identified differently. You CAN eliminate the PRE-CHORUS section by writing a song pattern/arrangement like this... INTRO (Which is usually the CHORUS music with less instrument usage), VERSE 1, CHORUS, VERSE 2, CHORUS, GUITAR SOLO/BRIDGE, VERSE 1/2/3, CHORUS, CHORUS, END OF SONG. For me... by eliminating the PRE-CHORUS means I did not create chords/music for a pre-chorus section... I was lazy or wanted to be different with the song I was working on. Usually for the verse, pre-chorus, chorus sections I will create 3-5 chords for each section... and find a way to blend each section nice with a chord or music change that works. If you search the internet for SONGWRITING ARRANGEMENT PATTERNS you will find more information on this topic. Hope this helps you some.
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