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Anyone used Dramatica Pro or similar?

Dr Nursers

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No, but I"ll bet it could help with the International Jingle for CommieMart:


CommieMart, CommieMart, ya kill another baby when ya shop at CommieMart


CommieMart, CommieMart, ya beat 'n slap another slave-wage worker when ya shop at CommieMart


CommieMart, CommieMart, ya aid Human Rights Violations and Religious Intolerance when ya shop at CommieMart


CommieMart, CommieMart, ya ruin the sky and the water when ya shop at CommieMart


CommieMart, CommieMart, ya kick Grandma Jones from her home when ya shop at CommieMart


CommieMart, CommieMart, ya kill America's economy when ya shop at CommieMart

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No... but seeing this thread jogged my memory. I'd seen a magazine ad for something called MasterWriter with a bunch of endorsements from well known songwriters in a full page ad in Electronic Musician. So I went to their site just now...


A big yawn. A word processor with a built in rhyming dictionary. A separate word processor for "sketches." (And this 'cool' feature: you can split the screen to have a song open and a sketch. Woo hoo.) A "database" of songs. A "pop culture" dictionary arranged in categories -- but apparently with no search function!


I don't really need a rhyming dictionary (although there was a brief time when I found them stimulating) but if I did, they're as close as the 'net -- and free, to boot.


Windows Wordpad is all the WP I need for writing songs -- although it would be nice to have chord boxes in between lines.


And if you're gonna go that route, why not have a little arrangement generator attached to the chord boxes, to automatically generate MIDI accompaniment?


That's more or less what the venerable Band-in-a-Box has going, although the version I have (10, they're up to 12, now) is a bit awkward for entering and editing lyrics.


I usually write with a guitar, but sometimes I sit with Wordpad open in one window and Band in a Box in another (and there's usually a guitar handy, too, since I tend to think with the guitar.)

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I'm using it now to see if it will help me write the Great American Novel.


The hardest part so far (and I say this as an English major) is trying to wrap my tiny little brain around their particular theory and the accompanying jargon-- throughlines, elements, storyweaving... it's enough to drive you nuckin' futz without a map and a flashlight.


And still I persevere with it.

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It is a steep learning curve, but there is copious online help available as you go along and answer the questions, and quite a few examples of work with similar concerns to whatever you're working on. You can see all this out at their web site; the help screens you would get in the software are actually in the Dramatica Theory book you can find there.


The software actually does a fairly good job of shielding you from the technical aspects of the theory, once it actually exposes you to the theory.


The major thing is that when it asks you a question about a particular plot point, and there are quite a few as you go, you do have to think about it. But I expect you were prepared for that eventuality anyway.


I am finding that it is helping me to establish directions for my story that I hadn't intended to go in, or even thought to go in, but which fit quite nicely with the overall plot I had in mind. I know more about my characters' history now, anyway.

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