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Need help with lyrics

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Gee, I'd think your collective could handle this one on their own; guess that thang ain't woikin' out so well. :rolleyes:


I suppose a gorilla pretending to be a Yeti would, like most great apes including humans, still have "poo" as a primary ("primatory" ? ;) ) concern so I understand your desire to express yourself on this subject & will try to help.


First thoughts:

Demonstrate some of that ever-popular Gershwin-type wit & stretch the rhyme a bit to something like: "I squeezed them out like little 'doo-nuts'".


Back later if more comes to mind...

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I would address this via PM (& may still) but for all who may wonder reading this, I'm not in Yeti nor see any benefits. I can & do post what I want now & feel no need to be in a club for it. When asked on SSS Pol Page what the advantages are to Yeti's method I got no answer even though there's a bunch of 'em to think it over ...so I could only be interested in joining something if I saw a purpose there.

Ya wanna talk about that, here or by PM, gimme a call but ya gotta 'splain "why", Lucy.

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