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Does anyone know this song's title?


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i been searching for this song's name

it was instrumental and released in 70-80

has guitar playing in funk style with little wahwah like george benson's breezing

but lead melody was string


And just as i am watching cable tv rightnow

it 's showing Jacky Chan's "the tuxedo"

AHa right here in the beginning of the movie,

the song was played in the scene that jacky was flirting with the woman he fell for b4 a biker busted in his taxi and began a humorous fight jacky style

It's 3 in the morning i'm afraid i can't goon til its end to see the credit included

so please help me out if you know this one

thnx lot

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Is it "Get Up (I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine)" by James Brown?


Here's a track listing I found for "The Tuxedo" at http://www.filmmusic.com/soundtracks/database/?id=3303


1. Jimmy's Tux (John Debney) 2:50

2. Skateboard Chase (John Debney) 2:00

3. Mad Bike Messenger (John Debney) 1:04

4. Jimmy's Dream (John Debney) 0:48

5. "The Tuxedo" Main Title (Christophe Beck) 3:01

6. First Mission (Christophe Beck) 2:54

7. Swallow the Queen (Christophe Beck) 2:25

8. Demolition (Christophe Beck) 1:20

9. Putting On Tux (John Debney) 1:59

10. Demolition Program (John Debney) 1:02

11. Rope Fight (John Debney) 2:58

12. Rope Fight (Christophe Beck) 2:14

13. Superhuman (Christophe Beck) 1:39

14. Walter Strider (Christophe Beck) 1:21

15. High Noon (Christophe Beck) 0:49

16. Banning Opens the Pods (John Debney) 2:29

17. Banning Swallows Queen (John Debney) 0:49

18. Jimmy Saves Blaine (John Debney) 1:50

19. "Get Up (I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine)" - James Brown

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