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Help;.....I need somebody's help not just anybody's etc.


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What's up people? Listen; I really really really really could use the notes (charts, chords or whatever) to fish's "A Gentleman's Excuse Me'" !!!! ( You know, the guy from Marillion, I think) Call me a romantic fool, but I'm currently practising my ass off on Chopin and I just ain't got the time to figure out all them fancy voicings. Comping is not my forte! Hope somebody can help me out.

Best regards,



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You might try one of the instrumental forums (Guitar, Lowdown {i.e., bassists}, or Keyboard Corner) for this stuff or maybe even Anderton's SSS forum.


In the longer term, IMHO, everybody must find the time to develop their own ear---to at least dome degree--- for deciphering what they hear...else you'll always be dependent on others to lay out the field for you, something most of the folks on this songwriter forum probably have no more time for than you. ;)

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Welcome JoeP...


While Member is right about perhaps being able to find this info on one of the other forums, I personally don't think it's inappropriate to ask for help at all. Everyone uses different tools to acquire the skills they perceive that they need...and the charts you request are things that have helped countless musicians over the years.


Are you a keyboard player or a guitar player? When I think of Phish, I think guitars, but, when I think Chopin, I think keyboard...

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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