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Resource Copyright Question


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I just completed the lyrics for a new song. I used two lines of poetry from one of my friends, a freelance writer, and I have her written permission to use them. The fourth verse is one couplet from an ee cummings poem. I had to alter a couple of words in order to fit the rhythm of the poem to the rhythm of the song. I plan to credit the sources in the liner notes.


My question, is it legal and proper to credit the original writers and leave it at that, or should I contact cummings business manager and ask permission? Is this something I would have to pay a fee for, and can I do this through an agency (if one exists)? Would this be considered sampling? I'm sure others have used anothers' poetry in their music, so I would love to hear how the process works. Thanks

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The short and unhappy answer.... if the material is under copyright, you can't use it without permission.


I have no idea how to go about contacting a poetry clearinghouse for clearance. The Harry Fox Agency does it for most musical pieces. I you contact a business anager or lawyer, you're probably asking for a small thing to be made into a really big deal. I'd say that when you are about to record the song for your first major release on a major label, I'd get the proper clearances. Otherwise, it might be prudent to just let sleeping dogs lie.


I am a strong proponent of copyrights and intellectual property rights. But I don't see any advantage to anybody involved for you to chase this down, unless the process interests you. (And that might be fun, in and of itself.)


If it does, http://www.geocities.com/una_sorella/propoetry/

holds the rights to at least some of his works. Probably couldn't hurt to ask.



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