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Berklee Online


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I've been looking at the online courses the Berklee offers, specifically some of the arranging/composition courses. I was wondering if anyone had taken a course and could give some feedback on the effectiveness, etc. It seems like their site could probably handle good conversation between the teacher and the students so it would be more than just an online textbook. Anybody got any opinions?
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I don't know about your neighborhood, but where I live there is no shortage of competent musical arrangers, teachers, schools, etc etc. Face to face is going to beat on-line every day.


Or are you just looking to put "Berklee" behind your name?


I'd probably look into a textbook to start with, get a grounding on the subject, then ask around and try to find a good teacher.


I'm in no way putting Berklee down, I just happen to believe that you'll learn better and faster from a face to face situation than any kind of distance learning.



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