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Words not to sing

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Try ending the previous word on a syllable which falls into the onset of the next one, and think about the breathing a singer needs to manage.


An' instead of and, leading into the etc.


Lot's of ways to use words which make sense if one crafts the flow...possibly making use of words you might otherwise avoid.



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I've always thought songs shouldn't contain items or products, etc in the lyrics. It sounds too weird. There is a commercial for a some medical equipment company here and they sing "If you have medical equipment needs"...


what the hell? Maybe in a narrative..


I can't recall radio or artist songs specifically that fit this but I've heard it. I guess it depends. I mean, Sheryl Crow can pull it off if she's singing about coffee and cigs or something... I dunno :P

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Originally posted by Guitr777:


I actually wrote a song about that- called "Black Lung"



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