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Keyboard for a songwriter

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*I tried posting this in the keyboard but it wouldn't work... ?)


I don't know anything about keyboards. I've been playing the normal piano for most of my songwriting. But now I'm going to by a keyboard to help with my songwriting. I'm looking for something so that I can record some things I write. For instance, playing a piano tune and then being able to record cello on top, then flute, etc... all from the keyboard. I.e.: no extra instruments. And something where I can still percussion in the background if need be. I am willing to spend $1000 on it.

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The concept of workstation keyboards is as old as the M1 Korg, (8 track on board sequencer)


In that price range, you can buy something suitable perhaps although the word used, may be the best approach.


If you have a local music store where they do have previously owned, that's a good place to start. Ask questions, and if it's a new piece of gear you want, these types of systems may be a little over that price range.


The other possibility, use a MIDI controller, which are very inexpensive these days, and load up a sound card in a PC or MAC, then use Cubase etc, and have a complete recording and editing rig in a box.


Lot's of possibilities out there.


Have fun,



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I found a Roland xp-80 in a pawn shop for 500 bucks. You could find something similar on ebay. It's a great tool for songwriters.


It's great for building backing tracks to do shows when you can't get a full band. :thu:

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You owe it to yourself to look at the Yamaha psr-2100, which you could get for a grand. Except they will in the next few months come out with the model 1500 and 3000. The 1500 will be about a grand, the 3000 about $1,500. The styles, to me, are invaluable for songwriting. I can try hundreds of styles easily to get the right vibe and record via 16-track sequencer. And the sounds are good. Keys are soft but it doesn't bother me. And they are very lightweight, easy to carry for gigs.

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Combine a good synth with a computer. Keyboards with onboard sequencers try to cram too much into one unit, and the user interface can be frustrating to use.


Buy some recording software for your PC (assuming you have one), and then get a good synth. A used one if you are on a tight budget.

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I'd really rather do this in software on a computer. Far eaier to edit, and maing changes is cheaper, adding instruments is cheaper.


You could still use a keyboard to enter data, but then even a cheap Casio will wor, so long as it has MIDI.


I have a Ghost setup in one of my guitars, I have drum pads, and I have an old DX-7 for inputing data to the computer.



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