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Inspired by "OK songwriters let's go" Thread ; here's my Bio- how about yours


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Inspired by "OK songwriters let's go" My Bio- how about yours?


Thanks Berkleeboi for this idea-

hopefully this can grow into a database of forumite bios



Username: Alanfc

Style: Rock, heavy to medium heavy, to mellow/spacy/slow heavy

Experience: NOVICE

22 years of playing guitar, but about 2 years of songwriting.

Goals: writing quality songs that will attract a bass player and a drummer to get out and gig for fun; not going for multiplatinum world domination.

Rivera + Fender Strat
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Username: seaneldon

Style: Mathy Power-Pop stuff with lots of 7chords.

Experience: Enough. 11 years playing, 8 years writing.

Goals: Write complicated stuff that gives someone chills by the end.


http://www.purevolume.com/seaneldon for demos of the newer songs. It's not for everyone, but those who like it will like it a lot.

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User name: Cherri

Style: Blues & Blues Rock

Experience: Starting on guitar at age 8; vocally performing 17 years; my own band actively gigging four years.

Goals: Gain enough material musical success to quit the day job; write tunes & lyrics that reach people across genres.

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Username: Technically it's SombraDeSoledad, but I've set it to display my real name.

Style: Rock, metal, punk, and blues

Experience: 7 years playing blues harmonica, 1 year of bass, 2 years of rapidly disappearing piano lessons, and 4 years of clarinet in high school band. Writing songs for one year.

Goals: To be a one-man show on bass, more in the style of NIN (extensive effects, loops, and melody) than Vic Wooten (crazy amounts of technique and melody). To be a solid traditional rock bassist and singer for my "day band."

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