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song writing

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hey, I know this is kind of a difficult question but does anyone have any tips on song writing. I am not much of a songwriting and nothing really dramatic happens in my life, and neither am I an emotional person. I've tried writing songs in the past and they all didnt come out so well, so....I need help.
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First, I think that you need to have something to express, either in words, or via music.


Wanting to be a songwriter is fine, but being one means that you sit down with an idea and you write a song.... preferably more than one. And like any other disciplne, you are probably going to have to practice it to get any good at it.


For unlocking the writer inside, I can recommend the Pat Patision books. Well worth the read, if you follow the directions.


Life is full of moments, any of which can be communicated to others in an enjoyable fashion. A good song does not require high drama, just a different or interesting point of view.


A good writer can take a mundane every day happening and turn it into something that we enjoy reading or hearing. To the rest of the world, that was just another thing that happened to them in their typical, workaday lives, but the writer made it into something special.


We all know guys who can tell a story, and those who always mess it up. Not everyone can be a great songwriter. Not everyone can eb a great basketball player, but there is only one way to find out, and that is to try to play basketball. The same is true for songwriting.



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Most every book on songwriting-or any other kind of pro writing for that matter-starts off by saying `write from what you know`.

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