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Writing melodic punk-rock songs

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hey all!

if u wanna write songs, just do this(depending on how long you want the song to be):

give yourself about 15 mins limit to write lyrics and another 15 mins for an instrument then work from that, you can get some simple but good stuff from it. example, i'll come up with some lyrics now(15 mins)...


so what i dont care, some more beer

my ears see but what i want

eyes bleed and hear

guess what? nobody knows what i have got, oh sh*t there's the cops

throw away a cake or two keep them occupied for lunchtime threw

makes me puke, on the head of the better off dead


weird song i know, some lyrics are weird i guess. ohyea by the way this songs about the cops-they mess up loads, so just excagarate. Pick a topic nd stick with it eg. Drugs, Certain people, politics, nething!

'i knew a girl who had it all, i knew a girl were did she go?'

jimp_fx@hotmail.com - add me!

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