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Last night, while making dinner I got a hot lyric idea, so I sat down and wrote out a verse, prechorus and chorus. It just fell out of my brain, still rough but workable.


My guitarist shows up for practice and announces he's got a cool new riff that he thinks is really something hot. He plays it, and (here's the rarity part) ...


His riff fit my lyrics! We worked through it and tightened up the chord changes and the beat ... and we've started a new song. It's an ass shaker for sure, and I can't wait to write the second verse.

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thats the prbemimhaving i have poems but right now im trying to learn my chordes on my guitar and havent had any time to write but i cant seem to get these poems into a lyric i look at lyrics and i get cunfused soemtimes as to how to get the poem like that can anyone help?
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TJ - fancy meeting you here! Just keep plugging along. You've put a lot on your plate: learning guitar, writing, and composing. Take your time and keep woodshedding, eventually it'll get easier.


BTW - we finished the song and have played it out twice: once acoustic and once with the full band. It sounds better with the full band, because it's a dance floor song. It's about men or tequila or both, depending on your interpretation of the lyrics.

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