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How can I find a publisher for my music? I write songs with and without lyrics. Country, Pop, Rock, Instrumental, new age, etc. I have been doing it for my own bands and for fun, but I want to get the music out there and have an outlet for my stuff. Many times, also, if I know who the artist or vocalist is, I can better write for that artist. Thanks,


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Try some of the various books on "the biz" for operating ideas & then check your recording collection for companies that seem to offer material similar to yours or to artists that you think might like your material.

One big difference about modern music sales, however, is that almost all writers in recent years (decades, actually) set up their own publishing companies rather than just sign straight in with others, the way it was prior to the 1970s/80s...& in any case you then need to sign with a major collection agency, like ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc.

Of course, that all requires good legal advice; start there.

Remember, music copyrights can be the most valuable part of an artists income, don't play with your future.

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