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Damien Rice, Ryan Adams and Co.


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What do you think of these semi-underground singer/songwriter types like Rice, Adams, Badly Drawn Boy and others? I think Damien Rices cd O is excellent. Really great. I want to get the new Ryan Adams cd (Love is Hell pt. 2) but I can't find anywhere.
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Well, I got hooked big time by Ryan Adams. I got:


-Rock and Roll

-Love is Hell pt 1


I don't know much about anything but I like music and his records are addictive. I like his SONGS. I don't care if they make much sense but they make me FEEL the song. I like music again.

I'll get all of Ryan Adams records, even if they are not the type of records that I used to buy.


Side note to this: I think it makes me more comfortable at writing my own songs.

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