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Catching stardust aint' easy....


But you try again, and after about a hundred songs or so, you actually start to think that you know what you are doing, only to realize you don't know a thing.


Keep at it, and pay attention.


There is stardust all over the place.



"It's all good: Except when it's Great"

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Originally posted by shiner25:

You ever write a song and thnk this is cool then a day later realise it come from a song you heard weeks ago LOL , damn it!, fuckign hard to write

I've never done an entire song like that. But, as I once said earlier, I wrote a song with a really cool(I thought) passage in it. Then one day, I put on a Joni Mitchell CD I haven't listened to in years, and there it was!


Right at the end of "People's Parties"!



I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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I wouldn't let that be an obstacle.


There are about a million billion songs that use the same basic chord progressions (ie. the "duke of earl" doo-wop kind of thing, the Bo Diddley beat), but by skill or luck they end up being memorable because the lyrics are interesting, the vocalist has lots of energy and personality, the arrangement is novel, etc. etc.


One of the most interesting aspects of songwriting is to take raw material that may be openly derivative in some respect but then add enough twists and turns to make it sound "different" even though you're using the same raw materials a million other groups have used.


Usually, if I like the lyrics to a song and the vocal delivery, I could care less if the song structure, melody or chord progression etc. carries the "whiff" of some other song.


Most people have to write a bunch of crappy songs or "almost" good songs in order to allow the few good ones to randomly bubble up from the subconscious.

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