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what to do when you hit a snag?


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Hey guys, this is my first post in this forum, just looking for some advice on what you'd do in the following situation:


When a song idea is close to completion but you're having trouble finishing it, or even when you have only a couple of riffs but are having trouble making them into a song . . .


a) take time to work on it until you are happy with it.


b) skip it, write prolifically (idea after idea) and pick out the "gems"


yes, this is on the vague side, but these are the basics of the different schools of thought of my band. Just wanting to know what you guys thought!


thanks in advance

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i believe the quality of one's efforts is directly tied to the motivation they possess in executing any part of that process, from inception to performance/sales/whatever final reckoning.


therefore, one should get in touch with what *motivates* them to generate what they are looking for.


if that means sitting in a campsite and banging on bongos with 40 other people until you stumble onto something, then great.


if it means locking yourself in a room for 6 months with a grand piano and computer, then great.


do what works for you or your group.


personally in the specific situation you are talking about, the answer to the two options you have would be different depending on the severerity of the problem, and how capable i felt myself of overcoming it.


if it's something i know i could overcome in the short term and wouldn't kill my motivation in the process, then i'd fix it on the spot.


but if at any point i began to feel uninspired, i'd drop everything and go work on something else, or go do some writing, or some other completely unrelated creative exercise, like play a game or jam to a sequencer on the drums or something.


hope that helps =P

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You know, if you're sure you won't forget the song entirely, you could put it aside and come back when something clicks. Sometimes you can try TOO hard, right?


The old wine commercial legend states that it took Beethoven five years to complete the 5th symphony. And it was well worth the wait!



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