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Headlines as song titles

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How many of you consider the title of your song as a headline?


In the internet age, the title is so important. If you're using a web service to promote your music, then the title is the first thing they see.


So it's important to make the headline grab their attention. Then the song, hopefully, will keep it.


Here's some headline ideas:

Curiosity: "I was nearly in tears."

Questions: "What are the 5 best song titles?"

Story: "I found a monkey under my bed this morning."

News: "Something shocking happened on November 4."

Human Interest: "John didn't realize the power of his pinkie."


Enjoy :)

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About the only way that is not trivializing the song is if


1. you the the group New Order`s approach, and mention the title MAYBE once in the lyrics


2. it`s an instrumental and you can call it whatever the heck you like

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