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Using a distorted or overdriven sound for vocals


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I may be totally offtrack here but are you speaking of the sort of sound sometimes heard on Howlin' Wolf records? Or, to cite a slightly more recent example, like Lowell George's "sore displeased" line in Little Feats's "Cold, Cold, Cold" ?


The original method of obtaining this was to sing into the "harmonica mic" that old-time bluesman used.

As to the best EQ to achieve this I couldn't say offhand but it seems you already have an idea...("little bass, little highs"...).


You might try this query on the SSS forum or one of the recording forums...

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**explicit lyrics warning on most of this stuff**


...but there are a ton of examples here of me using mutliple voice layers to "paint" space using an improv technique on a digital workstation akin to 'impressionist' painting.


ie, get close, but never really nailing tone or time with any degree of preciseness, but rather let intuition take over (very useful if you can't sing accurately like me =P), and the law of averages in the multiple tracks take over. the result seems to be rich psycadelic stuff that sounds way too complicated to more sober ears.


i'm using two different bass effects processors for the most part in these, including using octavizers to sound female in one of them. mostly using chorus and reverb oriented effects, but some of these, eg another day use a wild array of voice effects.


none of this stuff is really public yet, so would love opinions (remember it's all improvised, from music to 'lyrics', which are really poems a la Lynton Kwesi Johnson sans the reggae, so structure is baffling as there is none).


from "tongue and bass":


pluralistic ignorance




from "musolitics":


another day (voice creatinging a lot of rythmical noise)


your house embarrassing run-through of the opening to the steel pulse classic (rejigging the 'love song' to relate to a nation, not person).


from "some basstistics":


gnn freestyle (some nasty jabs at the president's men, but a fairly unique hip-hop sound).

--_ ______________ _

"Self-awareness is the key to your upheaval from mediocrity."

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