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Do others understand you?


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Originally posted by halljams:

People Don't want your Darkness. They are trying to escape from it already, why would they be interested in your demons?

If you share demons you should offer solutions. That is attractive.

It's gotta make them feel better somehow.

In Europe it`s different. People will be interested in your "demons". We don`t have that self-orientated style of life as america has. *lol*

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Originally posted by IWillBeFamous:

Some people don't know how to hear songs.

Some people don't know jow to hear lyrics.

Some people don'y know how to hear poetry.

Some people are dumb. Dumb meaning deaf. Meaning they can't here.

Wow. That just came from a 13 year old. :eek:

FWIW, dumb means "mute" or "unable to speak".


I get your point, but I think you are coming from a really elitist attitude. Try to remember, that just because someone relates to a lyric, music or poetry differently than you do, doesn't mean that they don't "get it". Maybe they just don't like it. I am sure that there are things you listen to that I wouldn't like very much, and vice versa. That doesn't make my music more or less valid than yours.

I really don't know what to put here.
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