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Motu 2408 mkII & O2R

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automation sync to your recording requires: 1) communication between the recorder and O2R - either SMPTE , Midi Time Code (MTC), or MIDI Clock - you select that on the Automix page 1/6 on the O2R. 2) I have had best results making the recorder (or DAW) be the time code master using SMPTE or MTC. It is more common on a DAW to find MIDI ports than SMPTE, so MTC, connected by MIDI cables from time code Master out to timde code Slave in is the way to set it up - also illustrated on page 142 of the O2R pdf manual (available on the Yamaha WEB). If this is setup correctly, when your recorder or DAW starts playback, the automation starts as well and follows it. This works very well and has been dead consistent for me, even allowing me to auto-mute a few frames of noise. Speaking of frames, make sure you have both the recorder and O2R setup to the same Frame rate - typically 30 Frame Non-Drop for Audio. Make sure your recorder or DAW is setup up to generate time code during playback.

Steve Powell - Bull Moon Digital


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