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Recommend(Small) portable speakers?

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I'm looking for a set of very small powered speakers to use while traveling(the smaller the better)...not audiophile quality or even close,just need them to get loud enough to hear in a hotel room.Will be using a portable CD/MP3 player. I think Sony makes several pair? Any other reccomendations?

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I'm listening to the radio at the moment. A surplus ex HI FI Technics ST8L tuner with a pair of computer speakers. I've seen a number of very similar speakers under different brand names but these ar form [url=https://catalogue.maplin.co.uk/mainframe.asp]Maplin Electronics[/url] and sound better than the others they cost me the princeley sum of £15 (just over $20?) a friend of mine uses three pairs in his trailer composition suite. The catalog number is PQ47 240W MM Speakers if you want to check them out. :thu:
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