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Digital transfer of MD to CD on a PC

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I have a home minidisc deck, a sound card with digital input/output(coax and optical) and a CD burner. Is there a way to record, with this setup, directly to a CD from the MD deck? If not, is it possible, using software to record from the MD deck digitally as a WAV file and then burn that to a CD?

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If your minidisc unit has digital outputs you could record onto your pc digitally. Does it? most of them have digital in but no out. You can't record on the fly from the minidisc to the CD burner unless you've got some amazing technology that came out in the last five minutes. What you have do is record your analog minidisc output( line out) to line in on your pc using a program like Cool Edit or Gold Wave ,saving that as a Wav file, then burn that file to CD. If you're interested in minidisc go to minidisco.com and check out all the gear. Their's some new stuff available that allows you to record MP3s direct to minidisc at 4 to 32 times speed. Awesome dood.
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