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Arcade Jukebox

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This person built an mp3 jukebox into an arcade video game box. " To control the player, you move the joystick up/down/left/right. This will highlight the next song in the list, or move to the right side (as the list is displayed in two columns.) Button one queues a song, button 2 removes the currently playing song, button 3 removes all songs from the queue, and button 4 has a dual purpose. Pressing it alone will go down the list to the next letter in alphabetical order, and pressing it up while holding the joystick UP will move up the next letter in the list alphabetically. People have been able to use this thing rather easily with very little instruction from me. This has allowed me to drink more beer at my parties. Now you understand the need. :) " http://www.madville.com/comments.php?op=main&aid=5982 [img]http://images.madville.com/after.jpg[/img]
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