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QSC PLX2402 at 2.66ohms Experiences?

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Has anyone experienced any probs running the PLX series below 4ohms in bridgedmono? QSC doesn't suggest it, but I think they are just covering their butts incase someone burns one up. Here is what the site said. Any Thoughts? PD :rolleyes: -----qscweb---- Can I drive a 2 ohm load with my QSC amplifier in bridge-mode? The minimum rated impedance for an amplifier in bridge-mono is 8 ohms. A 4 ohm load is possible as this represents a 2 ohm per channel equivalent. Two ohm load precautions still apply, as it would with any amplifier, so supplemental cooling may be found necessary. It will also be important to watch for any impedance transients that arise from the speakers in use. Four ohm bridge-mono loading is the absolute minimum across the entire audio range (20Hz - 20kHz.)
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