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Mac Mastering Tools-free, heads up

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From a maillist I'm on, dunno who I'm quoting, sorry: http://www.airwindows.com/dithering/index.html guy who posted the link sez: [quote] This is fast becoming my tool of choice for mastering. It is very fiddly to work with & you need a lot of patience as it's only about 20% real-time on a dual800, but it can make the most amazing difference to your final master. It has some quite stunning dithering algorithms, harmonic addition (a la Sonic Maximiser/Aphex) and harmonic compression (a la nothing else on earth!), width adjustment (mid-side, so no phase shift) & even an azimuth correction facility - I have rescued frequencies off a 23 year-old cassette that I didn't even know were on there! [/quote]Check it out. http://www.airwindows.com/costuming/index.html And this is a page of people wearing different tails. HMM. G. Ratte'/cDc
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