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Dual monitor setup question, please!

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My buddy just ordered a new Dell. He has his 17" monitor from his old system and a new Dell flat panel. What he wants to do is to be able to watch a DVD and surf at the same time. Or just use two pieces of software at once on seperate monitors. What hardware requirements will he have? (Specifics of the card, how much ram/etc) Can dual monitor funtionality work without specific software to address this function? Does XP support this?
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Been using dual monitors for a few years to do multimedia/video work. As a matter of fact, I just purchased a second 21" this morning to go with my other 21" for my studio DAW system!!! I got the Matrox 450 Dual-Head card to drive 'em! You might have a problem using a CRT and a LCD in a dual monitor configuration. As far as I've seen...each (CRT/LCD) require a different card/drivers...but I might be wrong. Otherwise, being able to run two programs and having one up on one monitor and the other on the second...no problem...your Dual-Head video card will/should include software that will allow you to place/size any open windows any way or any where you like...I can't work on a single monitor anymore. You have ALL THAT DESKTOP...you can split up your multi-view apps accordingly...it's a necessity for running audio/video editing apps!!!

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