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anyone ever heard of or recorded at Broccoli Rabe studios in NJ?

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they still exist? i was there maybe 10 years ago. didn't record though. if i remember correctly they were part of the STARZ complex which is/was this um, "organization" run by a guy that controled all the cover and metal bands in the clubs of north jersey. a really weird place. rehearsal halls, photos studios, all in one place. kinda like a rock and roll wannabee/star search mall. can't remember the name of the guy who ran the studio, but he was a character. has this thing about broccolli rabe. he had a green cadillac or something that had a giant brocolli rabe for a hood ornament. studio had an MCI console and was multi level. but again that was a long time ago, so maybe things are different... -d. gauss http://www.betteroffdead.com
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