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What level is your band playing at? Sort-of a poll.

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Wondering who's band is doing what. Feel free to post a link to your website or music along with your response. Where do you fit in? 1. Hobbyist - a gig or two a month just because it's fun. 2. Gigging Band - Playing every weekend or two for money. 3. Regional Band - Gigging regularly in several States. 4. National Indie Act - Touring the country in support of yourselves or better known bands. 5. Major Label Act
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gigging band about to go regional...I play 2 solo and 3 band gigs a week. we are doing a big Festival down here in South FL Called Sunfest next month. I'm having my New CD release party there as well. Gonna quit this scene and tour full time, get it going. [url=http://www.seanmmormelo.com]www.seanmmormelo.com[/url]

Sean Michael Mormelo


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