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I Want To Buy More RAM -- What Do I Look For In a Chip?

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Okay, I'm looking to upgrade my RAM to 512. Are there certain manufacturers who are so much better than others -- or perhaps that work better for music production? The RAM I have now says PC133 on it, so is that all I need to know to buy something compatible? And I looked on MySimon.Com to compare prices and specifications. Some of the different specs are: 32Mx64 vs. Mem-64x72 100 Mhz vs. 133 Mhz 64x4 DRAM vs. 32x8 DRAM Which of these specs are best, (and are there better specs than these I should look for?) And are there other specs that I should especially look for? Thanks for any help you can give me! -Dan Lega
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Hey Dan, Match the specs as closely as possible to what you have now, IE:100/133 & etc., & then go with the cheapest price you can get with a warranty on the chips, lifetime if possible. The one caveat is the prices are so low, it my not really pay to have to pay shipping to get a lifetime set replaced. Just look at the price difference.


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