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loop-based music workflow and tools

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Hi All, I know this stuff has been discussed before on here, but I'm striking out on my search queries. I'm a bassist who's interested in crossing over into producing downtempo loop-based music, or at least bringing that more into my own songwriting. I've messed around with SF Acid, mostly as a drum machine, but I'd be real interested to read about what other people are using, and more importantly, HOW other people are using samplers, ACID, etc., to make music. Since I know Acid, I'm inclined to keep using it (huhhhuhuh), but I'm also curious about integrating loop-based stuff into live performance using samplers and/or synthesizers with sequencers. Links to old threads or to other websites are most appreciated; but if you just rambled on about what you do, that would be great too. Thanks. Best, --JES PS -- I posted another version of this question on the keyboard forum. Apologies if that's bad behavior. Just not sure where to post it.
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