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Virtual Keyboard (*really* virtual)

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Wow. If they can do it for ASCII keyboards, they can do it for piano keyboards. * * * * * Virtual keyboard unveiled at world computer show [url=http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_548253.html?menu=news.technology]See the keyboard[/url] A full-size virtual keyboard projected by light on to any surface has been invented. Beams of light, which detect the user's movements, make up the keyboard. It can be integrated into mobile phones, laptops, tablet PCs or even sterile medical environments. The gadget was unveiled by Siemens at the CeBIT computer fair in Hanover, Germany. Siemens Procurement Logistics Services say the keyboard, manufactured by Developer VKB Inc, in Israel, could represent a revolution for data entry and the mini computer. The mini projector that detects user interaction with the surface also simulates a mouse pad. It is also on show at CeBIT until Wednesday.
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This thing, as it's picture and described, doesn't look like it would work. (There's no way light can travel that way, with the position of the device, the table, and the camera, among other things) I'm curious to see a [b]real[/b] report about this thing. Thanks for the link, seems interesting enough.

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