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Reverb Feedback

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Allmost everytime I record a song with pianolead, I seem to get a feeback sound when I use a reverb effect. It doenst sound on the guitars or drums or bass. Just and only at the piano. I dont use much of this effect...but I just dont get it banned out. Advise!!
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My personal guess is that the reverb algorithim is simulating a resonance, or standing wave, or something to that effect that gets reinforced/ aggravated by the frequency content of the piano's sound. My suggestions are: You could try EQing the piano at the offending frequency to try to lessen its effect on the virtual acoustical space. You might try changing the reverb patch so that it's simulating a larger room, thus changing the frequencies where resonances and standing waves occur. Depending on the reverb, you may be able to change the shape of the room, to see what affect that might have. (More reflections and reflections of higher complexity might just have some desirable interference in this case.) You might try changing the reverb patch to one with more dampening, in the hopes that it will reduce any undesired acoustical artifacts. Those are my guesses. -Danny

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